Saturday, June 13, 2009


In the less-than-sunny Northwest we have this term that i've never heard used anywhere else.

It's called the Sunbreak.

It's the time when the patina of clouds that seems to always be smeared across our sky clears. The sun comes out and we scream "sunbreak!!" and go out to smile goofily at the neighbors.

Maybe it's just for a minute, maybe it's for a few hours. When it's long enough, a cacophony of sound erupts in the neighborhood -- kids come out to dust off their squeaky bikes, moms take off their sweaters and weed the garden, dads take the restless dog for a walk. We all scramble to find the sunglasses that got tossed aside when the last sunbreak ended.

Meteorologists use the term on the news, and we wait not-so-patiently to see the promised sunbreak materialize. Weather people are trained to monitor the trends in the weather and report it back to us.

Journalists, meanwhile, are trained to monitor the trends in life and report them back. So that is what i am doing. I am monitoring the trends in life and i believe a sunbreak is on the way, in economic terms.

In the midst of the most recent goofy smiles about the sunbreaks, my neighbor and i talked about the trends we're seeing. We are both budding entrepreneurs and we're starting to see the potential of our current state of affairs. We have little money, but we do have creativity. And pluck. And the ability to rise above the headlines about record unemployment and see that people still need to live. They still need to eat and be housed and entertained and nothing thus far has happened to our planet (like being hit by a major meteor) to make plants unable to grow and human hands unable to work.

For my neighbor it means getting her hustle on and starting up a company that links businesses to customers. For another friend it means getting her hustle on and using a wider network of connections to get to keep creating her art. For me it means getting my hustle on by wearing this coat of many colors.

There are countless other breaks in the clouds i could mention. Are there good things you're seeing from the state of things? Is it toughening your skin, making you more creative... helping you think outside the box?

I don't know people. All i know is it's sunny here outside the cubicle. I am giggling goofily, and i've finally found that lost pair of sunglasses.

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A Frugal Friend said...

Great post - I just found your blog! :-) I wish my neighbors were home!