Friday, June 5, 2009

Pedalpalooza 2009: Geeking out on bikes

There is some serious bike geekery in store for us, here in the city that has 10,000 of them cross the bridges into downtown every day.

When Pedalpalooza kicks off this month, this one will be happening in my hood:

Smokey's Bar, SE Foster Rd and 56th Ave 10:00pm
When the “powers-that-be” harrumphed themselves into a shlump over the inaugural Fopo Bar Crawl, their sneering jeering and careering could’ve been mistaken for jealousy or a what a small lump of lumpenproles might have called ennui. (Wrongly.) Reeling and stealing, a-flippin’ and a floppin’. Yet pride be damned, here we are once again, one year later, prepared to retort with Fopoplectic snorts of our own. So don’t be a schlub, get out of that tub and come be part of the hubbub club... Without you, the 2nd Sometimes-cheezy Oft-times-sleazy Fo-po Bike and Bar's a no-go, joe. Euphonius,

That's just one of close to 200 events keeping Portland weird and in shape this summer. Check out the rest at this site.

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