Friday, June 12, 2009

Looking at the stars

We may be standing in the gutter
it's just that some of us are looking at the stars.

I didn't write that.

It was scrawled on the chalkboard in the bathroom of KBOO today when i went to "host" our weekly news and public affairs program, Bread and Roses.

I use the term "host" loosely because all i really did was play a bunch of old stuff that had aired before, stumbling with gravelly voice through the segues.

I'm a bit weary from travel and the mad dash to carry out all the single adult-type activities i won't be able to do when the kiddo comes back tomorrow night. Meanwhile, old friends and lovers dash in from the pockets of this planet i'd forgotten existed. Ideal work prods me forward through the days. The grass keeps growing and the sunflowers start to get bigger, and i crave sleep increasingly.

How did this happen, this pace? Maybe i really don't believe in myself enough to really believe i'd be doing anything but moping around the bedroom during this time of unemployment.

But apparently, we may be standing in the gutter, it's just that some of us are looking at the stars.

Oregon is boasting a 12 percent unemployment rate, and it's starting to get the most hopeful among us down. My friends who are employed secretly long to be one of the ones out on the uemployment line, and the ones out here among the 12 percent are downtrodden. I don't know how to bring them up, other than leading by example, not giving up, and continuing to look at the stars.

1 comment:

Canadian Bald Guy said...

12%?? Wow...that's harsh.

You're totally doing the right thing. Positivity breeds positivity. Things will eventually change for the better...and there's nothing wrong with wanting to be at the forefront of the "leading by example" movement.

Keep doing what you're doing. :-)