Monday, June 22, 2009


The days go by so fast when there's biking to do, weeds to pull
and kids to rejoice in,
after they've been gone at grandma's all summer.

So here's a bit of what we've been doing in this warm weather,
besides scrawling on this blog:

First and foremost, the kiddo is now riding without training wheels. At five she's beating her mama by two years -- at age seven i had to be convinced by my five year old sister that training wheels were no longer cool. For this rebelangel, it took me telling her that no, she couldn't go ride bike on the street by herself, but if she learned how to ride with two wheels, i would build her a track around the massive back yard.

So now i'm cutting the path for the track.

She's also on a full-on reading bender, thanks to Summer Reading. Falling asleep with her books curled around her like the usual circle of friendly teddies.

And we built a firepit.

It was cause to buy stuff for S'mores.

Now if the Oregon rain would stop creeping in each evening like a troublesome relative, we'd have reason to roast our marshmallows out there, instead of in the fireplace.

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Canadian Bald Guy said...

Good to see you enjoying the summer so much! Bicycles, reading, firepits, and S'mores?? Sounds like a blast!