Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Week Without Driving: A Recap

My car and i have a relationship again. But it's one of those where at least one party decides it's time to be together, but spend lots of time apart. Maybe you've heard one of your friends make mention of such a blurry make-up and in the back of your mind you're thinking i give them three months.

Well maybe it's just that i'm considering giving Ona the three-month trial period too.
After a week without driving, i am sure giving up the car can be done.
There's really no way i'm going to give up having a car all together; it's just that now i'm considering having one that doesn't cost me so much in payments each month.
An old Saab like i used to have or a Volvo that can be cherried out for road trips and cruises to the coast. Or a VW. Or a BMW.

Many friends of mine live without large vehicles. They motor around town on bikes or scooters or motorcycles, and they manage somehow. It's trickier with the kiddo in the scooter sidecar, or pedaling behind me, but it can be done.

The last two days of the no-car fast were somewhat of a disappointment, in that i actually found myself driving across town to go to a party. But if i hadn't had the option to drive, i would have sacrificed either my social life by missing it, or my personal time by riding the bus.

So now i'm just considering opting out of the option.


nicole said...

Brave! I have thought with longing about un-insuring the car and living without it, perhaps forever. I have a friend whom I admire greatly who has raised his daughter solo, and almost completely without a car -- they bike everywhere. So I know it's quite possible, and yet my life is so completely dependent on moving around in that car that I can't imagine how I'd do things otherwise... Anyway, I've enjoyed reading your bike posts & I think I might have to try following in your footsteps one of these days soon (baby steps -- I'll also start by trying out just a week sometime...).

Nicole Vulcan said...

good luck! it's not too bad when the weather is nice, but when it's one in the morning, you're far from home and it's raining, it's kind of a challenge.

Lisa Sharp said...

Good job. :) I don't have my license so it's easy for me lol.