Friday, May 1, 2009

A Week Without Driving: Day 5

There once was a girl named Ona, blue as the sea, named for a beach on the mid-Oregon coast, so loved, so secret to the rest of the world...

How many of you have given your car a name?

Ona has been with me for nearly three years now, trekking through nasty snowstorms, holding steady in the Oregon rain. She's been a bit sad lately, having to stay home all the time. I gave her a name because she's a big part of my life. So why haven't i done the same for my other trusty steeds?

So that is what i am doing. I figure if i anthropomorphize (sp??) my cycles, i might start imagining they're sad too, when i leave them at home too long.

Everyone, meet:

Astrid, the steady, Scandinavian type. Solidly built, a bit heavy, but a hell of a grocery-getter. (O, and behind her you'll see sad Ona, wishing to get out of the driveway)
When Astrid has this attached, she becomes Mamacita. The kiddie bike seat just got replaced by this tandem attachment, so we will see soon how Mamacita really rolls.

Pippi, the curly-handlebarred one. She's fast, smooth, and a bit goofy-looking, with her mishmash of parts. Best for independent rides, when it's only me on the road and everything is going by so quickly...
The bike in the foreground has yet to be named by her owner, but for now, we'll call her Baby Spice.
There are two other bikes in the garage, but for now, i've chosen only to name the ones that actually have a prayer of being ridden. Someday though, that old cruiser will make a fabulous comeback...

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