Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Sweet Road

It had been so long i think i just started tellin myself i no longer needed it.

As if me and the sweet road were old friends who still loved each other, but just somehow couldn't see eye to eye anymore.

But i was apparently delusional. I know that, because for the past two weeks or so, here's how i've been (literally) rolling:

My friend Lacy showed up one morning, on her way to Idaho for the day. I wasn't doing anything so i grabbed my two cameras and a change of clothes and went along for the ride. We stopped to take pictures of horses and broke into an old cement factory to explore. It was eerie and dusty and the main house near it was filled with rotting mattresses and old needles. I realized i've become a chicken about these sorts of jaunts, because i got jumpy every time a car would cruise past. It was just the adventurer in me, afraid to come out adventuring...

Three days later i packed up and flew out to Salt Lake City. The kiddo was there to meet me, along with her grandparents. This trip stood in stark contrast to breaking into an old Portland Cement factory -- staying in a 4-star hotel, shopping, eating sushi, touring the Mormon temple and hobnobbing with a lot of affluent engineers. But it was the road nonetheless.

I got home around noon with the kiddo and spent a few hours in our backyard in the sun. Then i hosted "The Chicken Show" on KBOO -- two hours talking about chickens and raising funds to keep the station going. When it was over the kiddo's other grandma offered me two tickets to the Grateful Dead in the Gorge. The next day. I just couldn't resist, even though i had barely gotten home and was fairly well beat down already. Within about an hour i'd arranged a companion, and i was off the next morning, through the Columbia Gorge once again, which i'd just traveled through by car the week before, and over by plane the day before. I felt like a weary trucker, sights fuzzily set on the destination, while the miles passed one by one; where all there was to do was enjoy that one beautiful moment with the tires buzzing, the music rocking, and the wind blowing my hair.

The sweet road and i have been enjoying a renewed courtship, and i already see the summer flying by, like all those mile markers i've already passed this spring.

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