Monday, April 27, 2009

A week without driving

So here is what is happening:

The kid is gone.

I have no real gainful employment, save scribbling on this forum.

The fridge is full and there is plenty of... o wait. The chicken feed and chicken wire i need might cut into this plan. We shall see.

But i am resolved to leave my car in the driveway for the next week. Plenty of people go without cars all the time and bike or take the bus, so why can't i? In this picture you can see i have no shortage of trusty steeds to rely on -- thus, no excuse.

So for the next week, stay tuned for my updates on Not Driving. I already bike quite often, but this is a new level. If i'm headed downtown, i will have to start learning the real ins and outs of the number 19 and 72 buses. Or hope for a ride from friends. Does that count?

Ok, so maybe i'll go get that 20-pound bag of chicken feed, and then start after that...

1 comment:

Little Lady Cakes said...

Awesome endeavor.

I wish you the best of luck!