Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Week Without Driving: Days 3 & 4. Slippery Spokes

I might have told you that i've come down with a case of poison oak. On the face. It's now creeping a cruel course down my neck.

And it's posing an interesting dilemma as i carry out my week without driving.

Should i wear the bike helmet, or not?

On normal occasions i don't mind taking the dork-route and wearing it religiously. This head has to provide for the rebelangel, after all. But seeing as how i've got a terrible allergy to anything even posing as poison oak, i risk the horror of recontamination if i wear it now.

So for now, i'm not wearing it. The Portland hipsters who don't ride bikes will consider me cooler, without the hat-head and the corny white-stickered headgear. And the hipsters who do ride bikes will scoff, sneering 'amateur' as i pass them by.


Canadian Bald Guy said...

Here in Atlantic Canada, wearing a helmet while bicycling is actually law...the same as riding a motorcycle or wearing a seatbelt in car.

I can't say I really disagree with the law, either...regardless of the "hat head" that may be the result.

Ms. Single Mama said...

Wow. You are fucking amazing.

Not sure about the helmet and the poison oak - have never had it.

Nicole Vulcan said...

CBG, it's only the law in Oregon for kiddos under 16. I think it probably speaks to our stark individualism, and also our family-friendly culture. But right across the river in Washington, it is the law for everyone. I always wear mine, and i've actually decided to soak it in dish soap every night so it loses its poison oak oils and i can still wear it. Even in a city that has 10,000(!)commuters cross the bridges into downtown every day, it's just not worth being the one to not be seen by a car.
BTW, if anyone is interested, here are the helmet laws for each state. No Canada though, sorry: