Saturday, April 4, 2009

Twitter Makes You More Productive

I knew there was some reason i found myself geeking out til the wee hours, when the last bits of a long story needed to be finished so i could go to bed. I was working on my productivity.

The next time your boss starts leaning over your shoulder while you're tweeting your followers about what you're having for lunch, just tell them it's making you a better worker.


modernsinglemomma said...

My Boss did catch me on Twitter the other day...I was installing tweetdeck and he walked in just as all my beeps were going off (you can change the setting to silent, which I recommend). I just played it off like it was no big deal-- like OF COURSE I would be on Twitter, Boss! Don't you know it helps productivity..., andme being on here is going to make YOU so much more money! Duh. I'm just doing my job.

:) I think it worked. He told me later I was doing a GREAT job

Hey @NicoVee, you need to tweet me more, I'll make sure you stay really on target ;)

ParentingPink said...

LOL! I'm a SAHM, but my hubby has caught me several times and doesn't see the "value or fun" of tweeting! Oh, well I think it's great!