Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A little about me

I got this idea after reading Canadian Bald Guy's post on his blog about single parenting. (Shout out, since this thing is all about networking!!)

If you're just tuning in to my site because of Modern Single Momma, thanks for checking it out! If you stumbled upon it another way, be sure to check out her blog for a Who's Who of single parents on the web.

I want to use this post to allow you to get to know me. This site is about self-sufficiency, single parenting and social change.

I write a lot about self-sufficiency, because it's getting more and more crucial for all of us. If you haven't already starting doing things like growing food and changing your own oil to save a little cash (and to help the environment too, in the case of the garden), then i believe you will be soon. The state of the economy and the environment are making it so.
If you're interested in this topic, check out these posts:

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This is also a blog about my life with my rebel of a daughter, and how i'm learning to be a true revolutionary by raising one!

Stories about her rebel soul can be found here:

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And finally, this blog is about social change.

I just lost my job as a television producer and writer, thanks in part to the economic downturn. (By the way, i'm now out on the freelance market, and loving it! ) But workplaces began deteriorating long before this crisis gave companies an excuse to abuse the worker. Check out these posts if you want more:

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Thanks for visiting, and happy reading! Revolution time!

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Canadian Bald Guy said...

Looks like Morgan picked a great blog for me to follow. Nice to meet ya, Nicole!!