Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Last Gasps

I'm pretty good at moving.

I've been doing it my whole life. When i was three we packed up and left Minnesota, never to return again. After i'd lived in five states and one foreign country i came back to go to college there, but i am getting ahead of myself.

The point is, i've been moving around since before i could remember, so packing a box or two is really no big deal.

Except when you're packing for a trip you didn't really sign on to take.

Except when you know it means someone is taking away your livelihood.

At work today i packed a red copy paper box full of the old notebooks, scribblings, story ideas and pictures i've gathered over the past three years here at channel 12. I will work the last two days of my tenure here without that full desk drawer of crap. Then it will probably sit in my bedroom collecting dust for a while, before i around to filing it away.

It's a monumental step, more than a real ball-buster of a task, this packing up the desk. It signifies my freedom from the corporate world while at the same time makes me feel like i am at the edge of a cliff, about to pitch over.

Tonight is the last television news program i am going to produce, at least for a while. Afterward my weekend peeps are throwing me a barbeque -- the perfect sendoff since it is so freaking beautiful outside.

Later i will tip a glass on my fresh cut lawn, to the next step, and to moving that box of office crap into my home office...

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