Monday, April 20, 2009

A Good Kind of Storm

It's nice outside and life is like one big mad storm.

But a good storm -- like one where you and your friends stream outside to dance in the rain, spilling beer and flinging off the flip flops.

One where you forget that two hours have gone by and suddenly you notice your fingers have gone all pruny. That kind of mad storm.

I've been off the job for about a week and a half and it also feels like five minutes. Life moves so quickly when you are not watching the clock and missing out on all the sunshine behind a desk. That is not to say life is all grand and i have all the money i could ever want. The car still needs new brakes and the credit card companies keep calling, but i could almost say i almost have all the freedom i ever wanted.

My parents have been in town this week and that's meant lots of shopping and eating and of course, a nightly nightcap to keep us all sane. But this time my dad and i have also been attending the Green Cities Conference put on by the National League of Cities, and it's been pretty good fun.

People from all over the nation are here to tour Portland and laud its many green benefits. And there is almost nothing i like more than lauding Portland. My dad is here with a handful of members from the Rapid City city council, to figure out ways to make (one of) my hometown(s) more sustainable. It's good to see the word is getting out to even the nether regions, and that Portland is something of a test case.

Add all that to my newfound freedom and ability to get out in the world a bit, and i've been having a grand week and a half.

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