Friday, April 10, 2009

... time to exhale

'Someday baby
when i am a man
and others have taught me
the best that they can
i'll buy me a suit
and cut off my hair
goin to work in tall buildings'

Some days you're down.

You're standing outside Little Caesar's looking at your kid and wondering if you'll be able to pay for that five-dollar pizza tomorrow, since soon you'll be out of work.

Other days you're up.

You've accepted that pizzas will no longer fly from the sky from your toiling in the suburbs, and moved on. And it just so happens, the day after that last gasp is one big breath of fresh air.

That's the way it's been today. O, i knew i wouldn't be crying and sipping all day from a big bottle of Vendange, but i didn't know today would actually be progressive. But now that i've lived through much of this day, i know now more than ever that this is a move i was meant to make. The song above was shown to me several months ago, in a mix CD that Sunshine made. The lyrics, and so many other small details of life have been encouraging me to do what i eventually did, but had to be forced to do. I suppose i just refused to listen to the cues. But now that i'm here, life is pushing me along.

The things that have come about, one day after ending employment:

- A request from Single Edition to do an interview about my life as a single parent
- A shout out from the wonderful women at iHeart Single Parents, to be one of their "Single Parents to Watch" in an upcoming article
- An offer to do freelance script writing for a four-month project
- A free tax preparation from Abbot Tax Service, because i am unemployed.
So no, i won't say 'goodbye to the sunshine
goodbye to the dew
goodbye to the flowers
and goodbye to you
goin to work in tall buildings.. '

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