Wednesday, April 29, 2009

As if this blog wasn't enough...

I am now blogging about dual-immersion schooling for the Oregonian's site. What this gig lacks in compensation, i hope it will make up for in credibility. I aim to be something of a local parent resource on dual-language immersion programs in Portland, and i figure having a forum on the site for the largest newspaper in Oregon couldn't hurt.

If you grew up in a home where more than one language was spoken, i imagine you know the incredible advantages it has given you in your lifetime. Even if your other language was Swahili or some other language that is not necessarily spoken on the mean streets of Chicago or P-town.

If you didn't grow up like this, then you too likely know the the incredible advantage that your bilingual friends possess. Americans are way behind the 8-ball on this one, and we have to change that, one little revolutionary at a time.

So add this to your reading list, if you are so inclined:

Oregonlive's Spanish Immersion blog



mikishiki said...

that's cool, Nicole! I'm working in a bilingual kindergarten and i was just discussing our pedagogy with a fellow teacher of mine.

Check it out:

Nicole Vulcan said...

Is it bilingual, or dual-immersion? Ours is immersion with a huge focus on Spanish first. The programs here serve a dual need -- the need for Spanish-speaking English learners to integrate and learn English, and the need for families like ours to create world citizens, even in the US. There is also Japanese and Chinese too, but more limited.

The setup is 90 percent Spanish in kindergarten, then 80 in 1st grade... and they don't go back and forth between languages. So if you don't speak Spanish, you can still volunteer in the class, you just can't really talk to the kids...