Sunday, April 12, 2009

Amy Goodman in Portland

Life is sweet when you can meet one of your she-roes.

I "met" Amy Goodman yesterday when she gave a talk at the Bagdad Theater in Portland. I saw her last year too, but that time the RebelAngel acted like such a handful (with us in the front row) I had to escape to the balcony to dole out some discipline. Then i went home and drank wine straight from the bottle.

This time, i left the girl at grandma's and volunteered at the KBOO booth. I snapped this picture while i was supposed to be womanning the hallway, where Amy's line of followers were waiting for her to sign their books. I also slipped her one my snazzy new freelancer business cards, for whatever it is worth. She was in and out of Portland within three hours, so i doubt she even had time to process my offer to freelance anytime, anywhere for Democracy Now!

But it's still a good day, when you get to meet one of your she-roes.

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