Tuesday, April 7, 2009





It's that slow.

Spent the last two days hoeing and weeding and churning the compost, during the most beautiful three days of the year. The RebelAngel and i spread seeds in the trenches of a few of our most fertile and ready beds, before the chickens came and busted it all to hell an hour later. It's obviously time to build some barricades for our three squawking darlings. It was so idyllic but in the back of my mind there was always that thing...

That going back to work thing. Only two work days left. Eighteen hours within those same walls. With spring coming and the self-sufficient feeling that comes with it, i am ready to bust out. So many people told me that when things like this happen, much better things come out of it. I didn't know how to respond let alone believe it when i heard it, but now i think it know what they were talking about. I feel that better things are on the horizon, where the RebelAngel is the benefactor of a happier mama, who has more time to get totally filthy, while we blow bubbles and dig in the dirt. And build fences for chickens.

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