Sunday, March 1, 2009

Victory Garden II

I found this relic of a graphic from World War Two today in this article about urban farming. I am fascinated by the cycles of prosperity and squalor that swing around on this planet, and it just so happens that at this time, it's our turn to be squalid. But people have gotten through it by tapping their creativity and getting their hands dirty in the past, so i will do the same. I wrote a lot last summer about urban farming and being more DIY with your life. Now all those words just get more and more relevant.

I am about one month away from being unemployed. So in the midst of knocking out stellar cover letters (that get stolen by other bloggers) and polishing the resume time after time, i am scheming about freelance stories i'm gonna write and plotting an even bigger garden than i've had in the past. I mean, why not? All i have is time to dig and weed and sit in the sun and churn the compost. I suppose my life right now is a lot like making compost. You take a whole lot of discards and shit and dirt and turn it into fodder for a whole rainbow of bounty. Victory garden!

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