Sunday, March 29, 2009

School Time or Dad Time?

The kiddo's laid back on the couch, arms folded over her chest. She looks like she may shed a tear.

I've just gotten done telling her that she missed Pajama Day at her preschool, and she's pissed. Since her pops lives near Eugene, she misses a lot of school to go down and spend time with him. She's five months away from kindergarten, when missing school is not really an option, so for now we figure it's best to let her spend some extra dad-time out in the country. She's always eager to go back to Horton to spend some time with her three kitties and the mud and the man-house madness. Except when it means missing out on special days at school.

I explain the situation -- that next year she won't be able to spend as much time with her dad, since she has to go to school in one city or the other, and it's going to be immersion school in Portland. This triggers another round of crossed arms and teary eyes. So she's pissed about missing school on one hand, and on the other hand she's pissed about missing her kitties. It's a heartbreaking world where she can't have both -- even though she should be able to. These dramas may seem small when compared to all the trouble the world is in. But to her they are the world. She must learn about compromise at such a young age, and also disappointment and longing. She is a bit of a Drama Princess, with her tears and huffing and crossed arms over missing Pajama Day, but still, i feel for the things she has to go through.

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