Monday, March 30, 2009

New Love

I slip into bed and he comes with me.

He's smooth, black and has one hell of a good reputation. I'm sure to be up til the wee hours, examining all of his best features.

In fact, i can tell this is the start of one long and intimate relationship.

I am falling in love.


But sorry ya'll, he's not the type to put a ring on my finger or fulfill the little revolutionary's wish to have a stepfather. That's cuz he's a phone.

He's a Blackberry Pearl Flip, fresh from the phone store. If i thought i was getting addicted to technology before, with the Facebooking and Twittering and the videophoning across the ocean, i was merely trifling. This astonishingly reasonable purchase (how does a free phone sound?) is the next big thing. Imagine it! Getting tweets and emails and surfing the web from your car! Playing music! Taking photos! Ok, i know i may be one of the last to get the memo on superphones, since i've had a free work phone for the past three years, but i have to say i am loving it now.

So later this spring i will be the ultimate contradiction, with my feet dirty, down in the garden, while my fingers are tweeting about it above.

1 comment:

Michael said...

Please just be careful with the whole car/phone, driving/ juggling text game. Pull over, you know, for the kids :)