Friday, March 20, 2009

Vermal Equinox

Happy Spring!

Whether for you the season means bunnies and colored eggs, or digging in the dirt, or just dusting off the sunglasses and the flip flops, i imagine most of us have something to celebrate at the change of the season. I know i am thrilled to start getting my hands dirty and to watch the beautiful buds of spring start popping. And to ride my bike, and push the kiddo on the swing, and welcome the sun...

A little on spring, from

"At some point before the eighth century AD, the strategians of the early Church superimposed the Resurrection of the Lord on the pre-Christian Eoster-based practice of celebrating spring around the spring equinox. This converted a pagan practice into a Christian one with a simple flick of the theological hand. "

However you look at it, today is a pretty good day...

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