Thursday, March 5, 2009


"Freedom is just another word
for nothing left to lose..."

Sorry, Ms. Joplin, but i just have to disagree, in part. There's another kind of freedom, in having things, but not being afraid to lose them. I can enjoy my job and my home and my car and my well-fed lifestyle, but i am no longer afraid to lose them. I have no idea if
entering the world of the unjobbers is going to work. But the freedom i already feel from making the choice to try it is erasing the fear of losing things. Maybe i am crazy and being completely impractical and i should be frantically searching the want ads in all my off-hours. But then i remember that the things i really care about are the things that can't be taken away, and working in an office again is only going to take away my happiness and not really give me anything but lost time in return.

When the day is done, i have my daughter and my dog and my scribblings, i have a past filled with high adventure and lowbrow deviance; education, work experience... all these things that can't be taken away...

"Nothing don't mean nothing honey
if it ain't free, now now..."

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