Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Spring Taunts

After that last post i felt the need to focus a bit on the bright side of today. Sure i think too much when the meditative moments come about, but for the most part today was quite pleasant. The house was glowing when i rolled out of bed at a leisurely hour, because the sun was shining brightly outside. This is about the time of year when we get the occasional bout of sunny days, wonderful enough to trick you into thinking that spring has arrived -- just glorious enough to make the dark days inbetween now and summer seem all the more hard to bear. I can liken it to running a cross-country race back in high school where suddenly i could hear the cheering crowd at the finish line, but even though i'd just run two and a half miles, that last half-mile seemed excruciatingly long.

Libby and i took a walk to the Space Monkey Coffee House in our hood when we finally roused, her happily panting and me blissfully donning my shades. Any time one gets to wear sunglasses in Oregon during the winter, you know it's gonna be a good day. After that Roops and Q and i took our bikes out in mid-afternoon and cycled down the Eastbank Esplanade all the way to Sellwood. It was great to see so many fit and smiling people enjoying the day. The thermometer only read 50 degrees, but it felt much warmer and the sun is just a treat after a long Northwest winter. That is not to say we have it as tough as most places in this country, but cold weather is cold weather really no matter what the temperature and i am glad when it finally leaves us completely.

So all of this bliss got me thinking -- am i living in the right place, if half the year i am wishing for the other half the year? I guess i am re-evaluating a lot of things right now -- like whether i should go for an advanced degree, whether i am really in the right place to succeed in life, whether i would be shooting my personal life in the foot should i move, since the kiddo's dad and grandma live close enough now to keep me from being on 24-7 kid-watch. Holistically i do believe i am in the right place. I have friends and a supportive, like-minded community, family nearby for my daughter, schools that i believe do the right thing...

On that note, this week i have been checking out public immersion schools for the kiddo to attend next year. In order to take advantage of the wonderful bilingual programs available here, you have to sign them up next month -- a full six months ahead of time. Your kid's name gets put into a lottery system and if their name gets pulled up, you end up in the school of your choice. I had to make the difficult decision to make my third-choice school in a neighborhood i was not a fan of, as opposed to making my third-choice in a more well-off neighborhood across the river, because the likelihood she will get in to the well-off school is much less than the one in the more ghetto hood. But i felt that if i wanted to be certain she attended the immersion schools, i had to do it. And at this point i am acting on faith that her name will come up for either my first or second choice anyway. And i suppose i am also acting on faith that the immersion school will be a better choice than any other i could have chosen, which may have had fewer kids trying to get in. Who knows, we could end up broke and destitute and forced to move back in with my parents, if the next Great Depression comes along. But for now, the kiddo will have the chance to attend a bilingual school FOR FREE for the next 12 years or so.

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