Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Running Away

"When life gets hard, you could always just run away..."

So that's what i've been doing. Of course it is not really feasible for me to actually run away in the sense of leaving this state or this country, but i have been doing it in the metaphorical sense. It's been a little while since my exercise routine was up to snuff, so for that reason alone i should be out jogging. But the real reason i have been putting on my old Adidas and Harmony Event sweatshirt and splashing through the puddles is the feeling that i am running toward my goals, and running away from my problems.

We all know that exercise is good for the body. But i think it's the benefit to the mind that does me the most good. Yes of course my muscles are being worked (hence the stilted way i'm getting out of my office chair for the past few days) and yes i am burning fat, but it is the feeling, like i said before, of running away that is the best part for me right now. It makes me feel like i am actually doing something besides sitting around chewing my nails and worrying about what is to come.

The power of mental persuasion is strong. About seven years ago i bought this video called Tantric Toning from a Eugene thrift store. But i never actually got around to popping it in the VCR until about a week ago. I think it was something about the way the teacher was sprawled out with her legs spread and her hands in the air on the video's cover that made me feel silly. But for some reason last week i finally put it in. I still felt silly for the first few minutes, but after that i was kind of in to the way the teacher instructed you to visualize working toward your goals and dreams. It was also adorable to see my daughter get her 'cheerleading' skirt on and join me in doing the video... then she'd get bored for a while and start looking at her yoga book, My Daddy is Pretzel and start trying to do those poses...
In one part of the video you have to make like you're shooting a bow and arrow -- as if you're gearing up for, and then hitting your "mark" every time. Maybe you still think it sounds silly but like i said, it's all about the power of persuasion.

Bottom line, if we believe that something is helping us, then it is. Even if it's only a simple video workout and you're hardly even sore the next day. It will address the mental, physical and emotional side of you, if you let it. So now the thought of running away is helping me in all of those ways at once. And i don't have to pack up and move.

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