Friday, January 16, 2009

Helping in Gaza

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I know i say this every time something terrible happens, but a show this morning on KBOO'S Positively Revolting reminded me again. I have to hand it to the people at KBOO for keeping most shows timely and bringing on great local guests who are directly involved in various community building efforts that affect people worldwide.
Today's show featured Nael Saker, who works with the Arab American Cultural Center of Oregon, and was born in Gaza. He has lived in Oregon for eighteen years, and is now an American citizen, but Mr. Saker has four sisters and a brother currently living in Gaza.

Saker also talked this morning about the important work of Mercy Corps during the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. If you have one, five or a thousand dollars to give to help people in Gaza get food and medicine, please do so through this wonderful, locally-based organization.

If you've ever called 911 and had an ambulance come to your door within minutes, consider yourself lucky. Saker says 16 ambulances are all the 1.5 million people in Gaza have to serve the hundreds of wounded and dying.

If you are in need of daily medicine and are able to go to the pharmacy each time you need it, consider yourself blessed. And yesterday, Israeli forces bombed a UN compound where food and supplies were stored. This story was hard to find from Western sources -- but anyway it is important to read international news sources to circle in on the truth...
Medicines are sparse already in Gaza, and now that people can go out only three hours a day to get them, some are going without. Even with the humanitarian aid coming in from organizations like Mercy Corps, they are only allowed to deliver it three hours a day. I have heard that even during those three hours, many people are too scared to go out to get them. Imagine the fear that keeps a father from going to get food and medicine for his children. Then imagine yourself, from your comfortable American home, helping in one of the few ways you can. Revolution time!

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