Saturday, October 4, 2008

Here i go again...

As of four o'clock today -- the deadline has passed for voters in Washington to mail in their voter registration. Voters there have until the 20th to do it in person. In Oregon we have until the 14th -- so don't miss the deadline. Every one of our voices is important at this crossroads in our nation's history. I will take the liberty (something not loved solely by patriotic Republicans) here to be as dramatic as i damn well please, because of the critical juncture we are at.

You are important.

If you are reading this from another state -- check out Rock the Vote to make sure you register by your deadline.

And for those of you who support Barack Obama, he has a useful tool to reach out to people in your neighborhood and in even in swing states. His website has a function where you can canvas right from home and reach people in critical states. Oregonians voted about 85 percent in favor of the Democratic candidate in the last election, and we are likely to amass even more for Senator Obama. But people in other states need to pick up what he is putting down. Please do this, if you have the time.

Here's the link.

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