Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bagby Revisited (again and again)

the creek near bagby
a treetrunk tub

bagby trailhead, april 2008

bagby trailhead, september 2008

This spring i i wrote about going to one of my favorite places -- Bagby Hot Springs in knee-deep snow. I thought these photos juxtaposed might shed some light on the conditions for that ten-mile trek. Quite the cruise that snowy day. That time the snow forced me to walk an extra six miles; this time we cruised right up to the parking lot and walked the mile and a half in our shorts. Either way, the soak in the sacred water is worth it. And on the way up this time, we took a (brief) dip in a greenblue pool. If you go there, take care of it. Make it a little nicer than when you came. The last time we went, about a week ago, two women began refilling, then handed over to us a nice round tub, filled with lashes of rosemary to liven up the water. What a gift.

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