Sunday, September 7, 2008

I'm now on Flickr

I am a bit photo-obsessed of late so i started a Flickr account to manage them all and let ya'll enjoy more of them. Plus my kid is so cute she must be displayed as much as is couth and civilized. Course every mama says that (the cute kid part).
Btw, in the background of this photo you see "da bus" that i have told many a debaucherous tale about, to some of you who've seen me since my return. It was the scene of madness, and the savior to all our drunken souls at my sister's mainland wedding reception. It was pure coincidence that the driver had a pidgin name for his bus, that he used for carting around a bunch of wild Hawaiians and Minnesotans that night. Lord, what a pairing of cultures.


Michael said...

Fun pix and definitely a cute kid. Hope all is wonderful in PDX with camp Vulcan. Sammy says it's so. Miss you all. Unkie DaMick

Wacky Mommy said...