Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hope is not enough - we need action

For those of you who live on the left coast, it's especially important to be reminded that the race between McCain and Obama is just too close to call. You might forget that, in a city that cannot pronounce the name "McCain" without spitting. Edwin McCain came here to play a music show, and i felt sorry for him. I am sure some people didn't show up because of his unfortunate last name.
Anyway, the latest polls show Obama with a slight lead in electoral votes, but it's all just too close for me to feel comfortable.
Here's the latest breakdown.

So don't get complacent. Make sure you register to vote, and cast your ballot when the time comes. Obama holds the lead among young voters, but those young voters are also the ones most likely to take the tack "o, i don't need to vote, everyone else will do it for me," and lead us into four more years of nasty policies, a longer war, and a stymied effort to revolutionize our energy policy.

I feel i must do my part to make sure everyone i know is registered to vote, even those of you who reside outside the borders of the United Sad-states. So here you go:

Oregon voter registration. In our state, we do mail-in ballots. So make sure it gets in on time to be counted.
The Overseas Vote Foundation will help my expat friends do their thing. You are needed and must be counted.
And Barack Obama himself is helping all the rest of you, who may not know how to register in your state. That link will take you to voter information for all 50 states.
Revolution time!

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Eileen Simonsen said...

Thank you Nicole for providing information about OVF for overseas voters. These voters should know about OVF's FedEx Express ballot return at highly reduced rates or cost-free offered in several countries.
Launched today was the new automated emergency ballot tool too! We need to get every vote home!!

Have you seen this yet? Seems they've licensed the software!