Friday, September 26, 2008

Bread and Roses vs. the Debates

Our scintillating talk with Damali Ayo, the author of "How to Rent a Negro"goes up against the debates between Barack Obama and John McCain tonight. For that reason i am making an extra effort to get our show uploaded to the KBOO site, so that you all can check it out later. I will be on the radio at 6 pm, but i will be wanting to watch Obama whoop up on that sniveling toad.
But in case you love this mama more than Obama, it's on at 6 pm on 90.7 FM, and worldwide at

Revolution Time!


Kaydee said...

how are the chickens doin?

Nicole Vulcan said...

i believe the answer to your question is in later posts... pout.

in other matters -- i can't comment on your blog right now. what up with that?