Thursday, August 28, 2008

Homegrown Energy

One of our interns found this on Craigslist, and i thought it was worth passing on... i may go to the workshop myself, seeing as how i have a field of dry grass and blackberry bushes on my urban farm:

Clean, Renewable Energy Can Be Made Immediately By Individuals To Get Off The Grid Or Get Paid By The Energy Company

Ben Peterson is currently making energy out of trash with his gasifier machines. He can run his home, job site or car with the gas he produces from bio waste like yard clippings, wood scraps, pine needles etc...
He shows people how to make energy out of recycled parts, a couple of trips to a hardware store and bio trash. His gasifiers are not just an energy solution but it helps prevent our landfills from filling up with bio waste and the use of fossil fuel to pick up the trash.
Gasification is an immediate solution for individual people to get off the grid. It produces enough energy for their needs and they could sell the excess electricity back to the utility company.
Ben offers a video on constructing a gasifier out of recycled parts and is giving a gasifier construction class on September 6th in Toledo, WA. Tickets for the event can be found at the social network for gasification or by going to this link.
The social network for alternative energy and gasification can be found at:

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