Saturday, August 16, 2008

Georgia on everyone's mind

To do less is to hold the world hostage to the actions of a few who might at any moment hurl us all into a war that none would survive.

It's funny to me that one post after i am reveling in our summer activities, posting pictures of happy kids, i am thinking about Georgia and what it means for all of us. While i delight in my backyard, i also gotta keep half an eye on what's going on over the fence. Check out the article above to get one view on what's really going on with "big bad Russia." I am torn, because, as this other article says... "For all its flowery words of democracy and freedom, the U.S. ruling class has no intention of allowing Russia to become an imperialist rival, like Europe and Japan."

Meanwhile, we have John McCain, making great ironic statements like this one...

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