Thursday, August 28, 2008

Don't let it go to waste

When you look outside at the fading light, and feel the cooler breeze, you know it's true. It's harvest time ya'll.

If your ambitions are outstripped by your time constraints, there is a beautiful group out there to help you make sure someone benefits from the food that grows on your property. The Gleaners will come to your house and harvest what you got -- so we can feed people.

Check out The Fruit Tree Project.
Check out The Urban Gleaners.

From the Urban Gleaners site:

"Americans throw away approximately 27% of all available food in the United States. This amounts to close to 150 pounds of food per person per year that is wasted. In the Portland Metro area close to 200,000 tons of food each year is thrown away and goes to landfills. Not only was close to 300 million dollars in food discarded, there were substantial economic costs to dispose of it. Food waste is a lost opportunity to feed the hungry among us. "

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