Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The chicks go out for a stroll

Backs to their new house
Shoulder chillin'
More about me, less about them

Sunshine and i toiled in the yard yesterday, preparing a fence for the three chickadees. Soon they will start spending all their time out in the Chicken Chalet and outside, and yesterday was their first stab at pecking around the yard. At first they were very wary -- jumping on laps and shoulders instead of wandering around. But like any toddler, learning they have a life outside their mother's embrace, they were soon pecking around in the grass. They are becoming teenagers before our very eyes -- losing their soft downy feathers in exchange for the black and white spotted ones they will have in adulthood. In exchange for our labors with the fence, we got to know the backyard in ways we hadn't before -- like finding figs, plums, and grapes spilling over the fence from other neighbors' yards. Apparently their neglect is our Mediterranean delight. We cooked a feast of spaghetti with garden veggies, and a crisp using all the fruits we have in the yard -- apples, blackberries, grapes, and figs. The plums we left for the teenage neighbor boys from Kenya and Somalia to eat; they sunk their teeth shallowly into the blue-and-not-ripe plums growing over their fence, when i called to them in their upstairs window and told them they were there. They had to look up the word 'plum' in their English book -- but eventually they got the idea.

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