Sunday, August 10, 2008

Chick Names

Another pic of our little black lovelies, from Sunshine's collection...

The three girls (at least we hope they're all girls) are now in their fifth day of life. They are just like babies of every other form -- energetically playing, poking desperately at anything that comes into their view. And they seem to like bold colors, like red and black, as do most newborns. They eat a lot and poop a lot. And grow a little bit by the day.

Since there were three chicks for three chicks, see if you can guess who named who:

Thilde, the battle maiden
Annabelle, the lovable one
Isis, the ideal wife and mother, fertile one

Dang, if you know us, it's going to be an easy guess... since we have all somewhat chosen what we wish to be... (besides the fertile part)

By the way our dog Libby has another name for the lil baby chicks. She calls 'em 'chicken nuggets.'

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Kaydee said...

I love all those names!!