Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bustin' out

If anything is going to make you go buy a wetsuit, cash in all your dollars for Renminbi, leave your car at the coast to melt into the sand and salt, and start swimming toward Beijing, stuff like this just might:

"The Green is like a slice of floating city-scape from a city we haven't built yet. The avenue is wide and flat, unobtrusive as it leads you forward past sculptures of women running holding torches, the Buddha pair: monkey upon elephant and abstract bubbles in future-friendly colors. A tower in the shape of a helix keeps the gate, sending soft waves of color into the sky at set intervals ... soft purples and reds, sleepy greens and blues. Just behind the helix, the Bird's Nest peeks out from its cement web, a red underglow casting out through the trees and bushes that dot the gardens around it. To the right, the water cube prepares for lift-off, its bubbles drifting from shade to shade of ocean and sea. I ducked and skipped through the pictures and found a back way through a stone garden to the subway. I happened to turn back for a second to watch a little chinese girl dance for her mom, and I saw the torch blazing against a dark sky. I blew it a kiss and headed out."

My friend Sascha is a master hustler. But he hustles best with his words.

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sascha matuszak said...

mad luv atcha. some hippies' kids end up goin right. make her world round.