Sunday, July 6, 2008

We all date the same person

It's funny that we even bother to go out to the clubs to meet new people. Most of the time we end up meeting and falling for the person who is just like all the old people we have fallen for in the past. We all have our archetype that we go back to over and over -- without fail.

Last night was the same. My friend and i went to a club and somehow, without words, the bass player in the band we went to see just knew that my friend Sultry Songstress was the pretty girl in the room who would have a guitar sitting on a stand next to her bed. I guess she had that look that i believe a lot of musicians have -- that deer-in-the-headlights thing they get when there's no guitar pick or drumstick between their fingers. The twitch, from the lack of rhythm. The two of them came together so easily... her yin to his yang; the harmony to his bass line. These music guys are always falling all over Sultry Songstress. And they all have the deer-in-the-headlights. I can pick out that musical archetype from a mile away... but my own archetype i have a harder time with. Is it "Fatal Filmista" -- bitchy film person -- barking orders like i'm on the set 24-7? Or "Ginger Gumshoe" -- know-it-all journalist, a mile wide and an inch deep? Or how about "Frazzlicious" -- tired-ass mama, lucky to have her teeth brushed and matching clothes on? What do those people look like exactly? And do i look like the rest of that crew?

There is a pattern somewhere in all of it though...

My friend was telling me about this dark-haired guy who has a crush on me, and i had to giggle a little cuz he looks a lot like two of my past loves, and reminds me of them in other ways too. And of all the loony, single, older, saddled women he could have a crush on, it has to be me. So i guess i am his archetype too. So it goes, over and over again.

I really don't think it's me trying to re-live the wild days with those old loves -- instead i just think it's a type.

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