Sunday, July 20, 2008

Summer Love

It's that sweet time of year when it seems the whole world is in love.
The pursuit of romance is palpable.
It's the dust in the breeze above the festival grounds,
it's the secret sweat you smell when you tear off a layer of clothes.
It's the pound of your heart (see above)
the kick of a boot
the swing of a hammock with one too many in it.
It comes in places you didn't even expect it --
in a quick chat by the copy machine, or a slow roll on a cart in the woods.
When the heat gets hot and the sun comes out, Oregon forgets its puddly past.
It's summer-revel time,
time when shirts get short
shorts get shorter
and (i always did like that spot, somewhere between the hip bone and the navel)
time is shortest
come get it while you can.

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