Saturday, July 26, 2008

Largest, for the moment

It's a competition where being biggest is not as important, as being on the team. (ok i know this image is from the evil Cali power company that was in that Julia Roberts movie, but the graphic is still kinda cool -- woo hoo to their crack marketing team)

Oregon could soon be home to the world's largest wind farm, if only for a while. Even if it's only the biggest for a minute, that's still a lot of revolutions in the right direction. But with wind power capacity DOUBLING in the Columbia Gorge (go Northwest!) over the past year -- energy companies have a whole new set of problems. Right now, one of them appears to be making sure that when the wind blows, we have the ability to harness it and turn it into power we can all use. Still, those headaches are cleaner than coal... so tell your local power company you like what they are doing, and join their green power initiative.
Here's what you should look for, if you live in Ptown. It costs you less than four bucks a month to invest in a minimum of wind power r&d.
Here's a look at all the green power projects in the Northwest.

Two dudes who have the brains and the bucks to let business do what so much hemming and hawing in Washington hasn't been able to muster.

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