Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hope in the Oceans

Anybody feel like a road trip to the Sea of Cortez?

This is dope.
Check out what one man is doing to create food and fuel, using one of our most abundant natural resources -- the oceans.


jenbecker said...

it's called a hyperlink, i don't have a blogger account, but i would assume they have the hyperlink icon above the text box??? should be next to the links to change the font, color, etc. if you hover over it, it should say create a link.

if you have that icon, it is very simple...within the text box just type the word(s) you want to label your link and then click on that icon and it will prompt you to enter the url address. you may have to highlight the text you are using as your label, and then click on the icon...hope that makes sense.

if you don't have the icon within blogger, just google "creating a hyperlink", plenty of step by step instructions; pretty easy schmeesy, once you do it a couple times.

still haven't got my bottled up bit of oregon, did you send it yet??? :)

Nicole Vulcan said...

sorry jenny jen. but i will give you a good dose WHEN YOU COME TO VISIT!!