Saturday, July 5, 2008

Food on the Spot

There may be hope yet for the family farm. It's been my dream lately to teach people how they can grow their own food -- even right in the city. And this org i found has the same dream. Check out They're providing grow boxes for people around the world, that people can put on a windowsill or a rooftop, or in the bountiful backyard, to watch their own food grow. The cool thing about them is they're teaching kids how to do it -- and making them part of the global village at the same time -- through a chat program where kids can write to each other about how their boxes are doing. There's something primal and powerful about being able to eat what you cultivated. On the menu at my house right now: snap peas, cabbage, green onions, red leaf and mustard greens, cherries, and strawberries... some other stuff.. So come and get 'em ya'll, or check out that website so's you can start getting your own. Maybe you think that digging in the dirt is all i ever talk or think about -- but it's only because i'm convinced it's the only way to raise my revolutionary -- in these challenging times.

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jenbecker said...

I admire the approach you have taken in raising Indie, what a lucky little girl she is! She may not know it yet, but some day she will thank you for raising her to be independent and for trying to instill in her the down to earth/sustainable way of living. Not to mention the healthy eating habits you are teaching her, all great values! kudos to you mama vulcan.