Monday, July 7, 2008

Destination Wedding

Just getting caught up on posting some of my favorite pix from my sister's wedding in Kauai. There's my little one as the flower girl -- with her favorite island boyz -- Dev and Day... my brother-in-law's nephews and total cuties...
There's me and my little sis and the other island-hopping bridesmaid -- aren't we hot?! Right behind us was the camp of the "Reinstated Kingdom of Hawaii" -- the group trying to take back their islands from the U.S. Apparently they were totally cool with a Kauai boy marrying a haole girl from the Mainland -- and even made sure the wedding chairs stayed in place in the mad Pacific wind, before the wedding. The wedding was a total family affair -- right down to the Kalua pig killed in the jungle, the maile picked from the forest by the family, to create the men's leis, the family members who danced hula and firedanced at the reception (including the groom's mama), and the hours and hours we all spent before and after the wedding -- getting to know each other and eventually learning how to make fun of one another.
My brother-in-law's father, on my island-style curly hair: "What, you come to the island, you no comb your hair?" Sounded kind of like the Rasta who stopped me on my way home from the beach when i lived in St. John -- saying "O mon you're such a pretty girl, but don't dread your hair..." Apparently the 'do gets a little wild in the salt air.
Then of course there's a pic here of AJ and Eee-on -- right after the nuptuals -- and me trying to create a windswept veil. What can you say about seeing your little sis tying the knot on a gorgeous island -- that's now her home and partly mine too? It was of course paradise to behold, and for a couple minutes when i got back home, i wondered why in the hell i call Portland my home. Of course those were some silly moments. I am better now, but i do agree that Hawaii is someone's paradise -- and maybe will be my part-time one more often nowadays.

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