Sunday, July 27, 2008

Can't fight where you came from

The hustlers and bustlers among us already whine about the fact that Oregon's speed limit is 65 -- not the 70 or 75 that we see in other states. But perhaps few have thought about the fact that all that faster driving actually has an impact on things around you. But a movement is afoot to slow things down in the name of conservation -- of both lives and crude.

In the movement toward change -- more and more i see that in order to fix the future, we have to go back to the past. Perhaps a more enlightened version of the past. A revolution, in physical terms, is a circular movement that eventually comes back to where it started.

I see my Swedish relatives, digging their hoes in the dirt, before they got gas-powered tractors... now we're going back to the pick, the spade and the human-powered mower, in my American backyard.

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