Thursday, June 26, 2008

No Camera

In case you didn't know, Kauai is gorgeous, ya'll.

I woke up the first morning of this trip at six a.m., wide awake at an hour i hardly ever see. The wind was blowing a mad gale into my room, which faces the sea and a fabulous mountain -- an amazing swell of volcanic rock and red dirt that juts out over the Pacific. The sun was burning red coming over the mountain, leaving the water glowing, the clouds all fuschia and tangerine. Normally these are the moments when you rip yourself away from such captivating views to grab your camera. You know, so you can show all your friends what an awesome sight you saw. They of course will agree with you that it was beautiful, but of course it won't mean as much to them as it did to you at that moment. And that gets me thinking -- is it really worth it to waste our precious moments amid such beauty, dashing to grab our cameras? If the real value in it is the golden moment, and the real memories are carried only by us, what is the point? Do our clicks actually snap stopping-points into our fun? This is what i ask myself, but of course these thoughts would not be so pervasive if i had my camera with me. Because of a series of repair follies, i won't have my camera in my hands until later today -- three days into my jaunt onto the Garden Isle. So the memories of my daughter and my nephew, smearing watermelon onto each others' faces, or of my kid trying out a boogie board for the first time, or of an early-morning sunrise will be kept alive in memory, not in megapixels. Maybe this is a good experiment. A few days in Hawaii, free of the burden of photographing every memorable experience, allowing me to just enjoy and Feel; and the rest of the time, snapping photos like a sunburnt tourist.

As long as i have it in my hands when my sister is wearing wedding white, a few days from now.

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jenbecker said...

i completely agree with you on the "no camera" thought...when we were in oregon, i was so photo happy that i truly feel as if i lost out on a bit of the relaxation and freedom one should experience while on vacation.

BUT, as i sit here today looking through the 2,000+ photos(because my heart aches to be back there); i am ever so grateful that i have these megapixel memories! true, you will always have the memory of the experience itself, but my 36 year old memory seems to be failing me prematurely these days!

i hope you all had a wonderful time in hawaii over amanda's wedding.

love to you from MN to OR ♥j

p.s. could you please bottle up some of the PNW and mail it to me, I need my fix! :))