Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Golden Age

A friend mentioned to me the other day how he thought the ages of 5 to 8 are the sweetest time for kids -- when they seem to be the most enjoyable and easy to deal with. Then i heard a passing quote on a commercial -- mentioning the "golden age" of childhood. And i tend to agree that age 5 is looking pretty promising, though we're not quite there just yet. As my baby slides slowly from the toddler years -- when everything is new and unexplicable, and therefore cause for daily tantrums -- to the years when she can explain herself coherently, and still doesn't have the jadedness that comes when a kid's been at school with other brats for too long -- i have to say the days are indeed getting easier. It might also have something to do with the fact that her mama is no longer schlubbing it on the overnight shift, living the daily grind with the compounded stress of no sleep, and passing the daily stress onto her. But whatever it is, it's getting better.
Now that i sleep normal hours, like the rest of the world, i wake her up each morning with little kisses. I think sometimes that i am never going to get a man into this bed, when a little blonde is always occupying it -- but when it comes down to it, if i do replace a man for the girl -- i am unlikely to feel quite as much love as i do in the current situation. So each morning i rise and shower and such, and when i come back to the room, she's hiding under the covers, for more teasing and snuggles. About a month ago, it was a daily struggle to get her into her room to choose the perfect outfit. But now she's getting better at the little things. Her little feet slide across the wood floor in the morning, no stomping, to her room where she picks out the perfect princess palette of colors. She packs her bag of ponies and bears for the babysitter's without complaint. Yes, she can still reduce me to bits and pieces in a second, when she decides to exert her will over mine. I have come to learn that a person's will is not in any way proportionate to their size. Her 40+ pound body has just as much will, or more, than mine, almost 100 pounds weightier. But overall, i can tell that the golden years of childhood are right around the corner.

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