Friday, June 6, 2008

Gas and Carbon Cap-and-trade

WASHINGTON, June 6 (Reuters) - A U.S. carbon-capping bill aimed at curbing climate change died on Friday in the Senate but its supporters looked to the next president to enact a global warming law as early as 2009.The bill aimed to cut total U.S. global warming emissions by 66 percent by 2050. Opponents said it would cost jobs and raise fuel prices in an already pinched American economy.

* Guess what guys?! Gas costs 11 dollars a gallon in Turkey -- and nine bucks a gallon in France. Yes, four bucks and up sucks big time, but really, economic squeeze-means are the only way we are going to clean up this planet. Obviously, we are going to get no help from the Senate. The rest of the world might agree that the Kyoto Protocol is needed, but even the 2008 Senate is leaning toward president Bush's Texan way of doin' things. Yes, i am eating more ramen than ever before -- but i don't cry too much... we all need a couple wake-up calls to make us change the way we live. The old way is not sustainable -- and the effects are just beginning to be felt by us in the U-S of A. At the studio yesterday, our illustrious "talent" made light of our "living green" graphics -- and how it was all such a joke. For those in their ivory towers (who work in the same building as me, but get paid much more, for having their mugs on t.v.), things are only going to change when they feel the squeeze too. I can only imagine what our conversations between commercials will be like, when they too have to make sacrifices to save a buck. They will see it as cost-savings... but i will secretly rub my hands together for the earth-savings it's begetting.

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