Saturday, May 17, 2008

Nargis Troubles

President Bush is so pissed that Myanmar won't accept our benevolent help, that he's imposing sanctions on the country.

This is a tricky issue. The real issue here should be helping people -- but right now it's the Junta vs. the rest of the world... and the people of Myanmar are the ones who will suffer for it. Bush insists the sanctions won't affect the people in need... but i don't see how that is possible. Desmond Tutu called this a major humanitarian crisis -- unfolding with the rest of the world unable to help. But i do know that some help is trickling in. One of the great bastions in the NGO world is based right here in Portland. From what i can glean from the outside, Mercy Corps appears to be a good option for people who want to contribute to helping people in this crisis, as well as others. They have a good record of using most of their money to actually give aid, as opposed to feeding their own machine. ( I just contributed a paltry sum myself... but at least it's something. Four envoys from Mercy Corps have been allowed into Myanmar, for negotiations... don't know how much they can really see without government intervention, but they are poised to deliver goods when and if it's possible. Meanwhile, Tutu suggests we do supply drops over the country, in spite of the government's objections.

Bombs over Yangon...

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