Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Day: aka Working for Change Heyday

"This is America dammit, learn to talk English!"

Chinga tu padre. Mi hija habla los dos. And real Americans should speak yi, zwei, trois, cuatro.

It's International Workers' Day.

Days like these make me want to take the LSAT's even more, (pops, you may soon win this battle to see me in some esteemed position, with a title behind my name) so i can work for real change in this country. (But another admired friend told me she thinks journalism is the most esteemed profession...)
Someone let my scruffy Swedish relatives into this country, not speaking a lick of Englishhh. Now the people who work the apple farms in Oregon want a piece of the American pie. But when our immigrants' heads go from blonde to black, lots of people get spicy about the idea.

Migrant farm workers are speaking out in Portland and Salem today -- this May Day, this protestors' heyday. They want their right to get a driver's license restored. Oregon took that right away recently, when our legislators said people had to have a social security number to gain the right to drive.
From press releases today:

"Immigrants and their allies will carry signs that say, "Today We March, Tomorrow We Vote," "Our Dream, The American Dream," and "Citizenship Yes! Deportation No!" Immigrant rights supporters from coast to coast have been registering voters and helping people becoming citizens in unprecedented numbers-increasing civic participation in key states and Congressional districts in this exciting election year.
The pro-solution movement is calling on President Bush to put an immediate end to his policy of sending government troops to round up and deport hardworking and law abiding immigrants. His policy has sparked terror in Latino families nationwide - regardless of Citizenship status - and is hurting local economies.
Further, the pro-solution movement calls on the next President reject the cries of the angry anti-immigrant fringe and pass just and humane immigration reform in the first 100 days of their administration. "
Check it out:

Also on the picketlines today, instead of doing the hard work they do every day: Longshoremen. They offload the goods we get from all over the world. Now they're calling for us to offload our current foreign policy, and kick this Iraq war into the bottom of the Willamette River.

"Longshore workers (25,000 of them, at 29 west coast ports) are standing-down on the job and standing up for America," said ILWU International President Bob McEllrath. "We're supporting the troops and telling politicians in Washington that it's time to end the war in Iraq."

These guys are blue-collar workers, but they have a lot of clout. If they walk off the job for any extended period of time, you don't get your ramen noodles, or your Nike shoes. Talk about an economic tailspin, for the soccer mommery set.

The ports are quiet today. But we won't be.
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