Thursday, May 22, 2008

Energy Options - LNG

The grass is never quite as green as you think it is. Here's some info on one energy alternative that may be a wolf in sheep's clothing. Reminds me that we must take a holistic approach to energy -- where we look at not only the fuel/source itself, but how and where it's delivered:

Protestors Tell Shareholders NW Natural's LNG Plan "Stinks!"
-Portland, OR.- Hundreds of people will be rallying against the liquefied natural gas (LNG) proposals at NW Natural's Annual Shareholders meeting at the company's headquarters in Portland, OR. NW Natural has been making greenwashing claims, including "foreign LNG is a green alternative to the already existing domestic gas." Protestors say "there is nothing green about LNG."
NW Natural's LNG proposal requires over one thousand miles of clearcuts through nationally protected forests in Western Oregon for their Palomar pipeline. Palomar would cross streams and rivers 292 times. The plan includes a receiving-terminal that will require 700,000 cubic meters of river bed to be dredged, causing habitat destruction to an already suffering salmon population. Jeremy Zayda, one of today's organizers, claims "Oregon's energy usage is less than 1/5 of what these pipelines would provide. LNG is not a good idea and is not necessary for Oregon; Foreign LNG is not good for Oregon citizens and the environment. NW Natural is gambling with our future."
The purpose of today's protest, called by Stumptown Earth First!, in solidarity with the coalition of groups opposing LNG across the state, is to make it clear to NW Natural that Oregonians will not let these pipelines be built. Activists with Earth First! declare that "This action is just the beginning of what's in store for these LNG proposals. We are here to defend the land, the rivers, and the natural habitats, and we will not stop until LNG is dropped!"

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