Saturday, May 17, 2008

Amazing Kids

What were you doing when you were 16?

I was eating at Taco Bell every day with my $1.25 lunch money, getting my dad's prized Jeep stuck in the woods during keggers, and shopping for just the right hairpiece to go with my cheerleading outfit. (o lord i've admitted it...) I was also alternating between reading Seventeen magazine and Jane Eyre, so perhaps i had a sliver of seriousness...

But seeing kids like the one behind this great event is why i love Portland and couldn't imagine a better place to raise a socially conscious world citizen. Check out this event taking place tomorrow in Sellwood -- the brainchild of an amazing 16-year old go-getter.

Raising money to get more teachers in Portland schools. Did you give a crap about getting better teachers for your school when you were a teenager? Day-um.

Live with intention.
Walk to the edge.
Listen hard.
Practice wellness.
Play with abandon.
Choose with no regret.
Continue to learn.
Appreciate your friends.

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